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Asked Questions

  • Q. How am I able to tell whether I need a new roof?

    Step One: When your current roof begins to leak, houses animals, has a hole in it, or is missing a few shingles, you should get a new one. If your roof sounds creaky or requires several repairs, you may need to get it replaced. If you've had your current roof for more than 12 years, it might also be time for a replacement. Normally, roofs don't endure this long without experiencing issues. It might be time for a new roof if yours has broken ice dams, curling shingles, missing flashing, or discolored walls and ceilings.

  • Q.Is it necessary to change my roof even though it isn't leaking?

    It is not necessary for your roof to begin leaking to indicate that it needs to be replaced. Other issues may arise, necessitating a roof replacement. If there is substantial damage to the roof, it is preferable to replace it. As an example, if the roofing material begins to sag or certain shingles fall off, it may be time to replace it. The shingles protect your roofing and gutters from factors like weather and humidity. If yours has vanished, your roof is subject to additional damage, demanding a replacement.

  • Q. How long do shingle roofs last?

    The lifespan of a shingle roof might range from 10 to 60 years. The type of shingles utilized is the deciding factor; the stronger and more durable the material, the more years it will last. Shingles made of asphalt have a shorter lifespan than others. They can often last between 12 and 30 years. In good condition, copper shingles can last for more than 60 years.

  • Q.What is included with my roof repair services?

    Our technicians specialize in efficient roof repairs, using quality materials and advanced techniques. Our goal is to restore functionality and aesthetics.You can also request extra services by contacting our team.

  • Q. What about insurance coverage?

    Yes, Trademark carries full worker's compensation insurance and full liability insurance to safeguard you and your property, respectively.

  • Q. How can I identify the proper time for having the roofing inspected?

    Your roof's condition is impacted by a variety of things. The factor to consider is age. You should have your roof assessed if your home is more than five years old. To guarantee the integrity of your roof and realize its maximum lifespan, it is advised that you get it inspected and maintained every five years.

  • Q. How long will my roof last before it needs to be replaced?

    This is a challenging topic because every roof system is unique and your roof might be impacted by changing environmental factors from year to year. The most popular comparison is how much more you want to spend on mending before replacing. Call us right away to schedule a roof inspection, and we'll provide our expert recommendation on replacement.

  • Q. Can Branded Roof & Gutters assist my insurance provider with replacement due to a storm?

    Yes! Even though we have a tight commitment to our customers in the Triangle, we are not "storm chasers" who travel from other cities and knock on doors, pressuring people to replace their roofs when it is not necessary. We are a business that will cooperate with both your insurance provider and you in order to accomplish your project successfully while maintaining a family-oriented relationship.